Licensed in: MN, WI, ND, SD, IA


For over 28 years, John Pagels, PE and Pagels Engineering have consistently and successfully provided quality professional forensic electrical engineering investigation services for both Defense liability and Plaintiff subrogation interests.  In part, these services include forensic investigation services, forensic consulting services, expert witness services, and commercial, industrial, and manufacturer testing.  We specialize in matters where electricity, electrical utilization equipment, or electrical controls have been alleged to play a role in an incident.


It is our goal to determine and clearly explain the how and why of an incident to our clients, their attorneys, and to jurors.  Our aptitude to work well with all investigation team members has resulted in the collection of more and complete data on which to base our hypotheses and opinions.  We use and rely on the current industry standards, the scientific method, and apply valid science, physics, and engineering principles.


The majority of our work includes forensic electrical engineering investigations of residential and commercial structure fires, standard and commercial vehicle fires, marine fires, electrical equipment failure/damage, electrical shock, electrocution, personal injury, alarm system malfunction/failure, agricultural suffocations…to list a few.


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